Tree rings and a sprig of new growth

Grow forests of opportunity and innovation

Forests, woods and trees all flourish under the stewardship of skilled professionals. Trees reward us with fuel for enterprise, craft and invention, green energy and fires. Consider the source of wooden products and choose the home-grown from well-managed forests. Teach the rising generation that with responsible management a wooded land is a thriving nation.


  1. Promote careers working with trees and woods
    Professions connected to trees and woods are as important to our future as they have been to our past, and we need to build the next generation of experts. The profile of forestry, arboriculture, landscape architecture and conservation as modern progressive sectors with a wide range of opportunities for everyone should be raised, including by promoting these sectors in schools to inform further education and training choices.

  2. Create opportunities for sustainable forestry across the landscape
    Through innovative approaches, planting and managing trees across the landscape can bring sustainable economic opportunities without compromising other benefits to people and wildlife. Promote commercial forestry as part of an integrated rural landscape management strategy for each nation, encouraging the planting of productive species wherever appropriate.

  3. Empower the custodians of our woods and trees
    Well-managed woods and trees benefit us all. A simple incentive scheme should be implemented, agreed between central government and the devolved governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, that supports the creation of new woodland habitats and the responsible management of existing woodland and trees.

  4. Source timber and forest products responsibly
    Responsible sourcing of forest products supports responsible management of forests. All timber and forest products should be sourced from responsibly managed forests, certified under credible certification schemes that enable businesses and consumers to make ethical purchasing decisions. We need to strengthen links between woodland managers and timber users, enabling better understanding of, and support for, sustainable timber production.

  5. Encourage innovation in timber use
    There is huge untapped potential for timber as a material as new ways to treat and engineer wood are developed. Emerging timber technologies should be supported and promoted to growers, industry and decision-makers.

  6. Support small woodland businesses
    Local enterprises can create local jobs, ensure small woods are better managed and monitored, and result in locally produced wood products that lock up carbon and reduce waste and pollution. Funding and support should be provided for sustainable small businesses derived from woodland management, such as coppice products.

  7. Promote UK-grown timber products
    Using responsibly grown UK-grown timber is better for the economy and for the environment than imported timber. UK timber products should be promoted as the first choice for UK industries.

  8. Support UK fruit producers
    The UK has a rich orchard tradition that can support the economy and wildlife. Businesses and consumers should prioritise responsibly run UK orchards wherever possible when sourcing fruit.

  9. Encourage and support sustainable woodland management
    The majority of woodland in the UK is privately owned, and the way it is managed has an impact on the national economy and environment. Policies around woodland ownership should encourage sustainable management practice and cooperation between owners and managers of woods, in order to ensure quality and consistency of woodland management across the landscape

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