Play your part in making the charter principles a reality. Set up a local Charter Branch. Celebrate Tree Charter Day. Let’s root the Tree Charter into the fabric of society together.


The Tree Charter draws its strength from the grassroots – from people and communities across the UK who stand up for trees, and help others to realise the importance of living by the charter’s 10 Principles.

The Charter Branch network includes schools, parish councils, community woodland groups, artists and campaigners. By gathering the stories that shaped the 10 Principles, and collecting signatures in its support, Charter Branches have made the Tree Charter what it is, and given it the strength to make real impact in society. This grassroots movement for trees is needed more than ever to bring the charter’s 10 Principles to life. This means shaping local policies to support the role of trees, and helping people understand the value of trees and what they can do to help them.

Charter Branches are integral to embedding the Tree Charter’s ten principles and ensuring that the relationship between people and trees is recognised in decision making across homes, neighbourhoods, communities and government. For more information on what you can do to drive the Tree Charter’s vision forward, or to join the Charter Branch network please contact

People sitting and leaning against a tree decorated with bunting for National Tree Week


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Download our toolkit that offers guidance around all the ways you can support the delivery of the 10 Principles of the Tree Charter through your work, or use our wallchart for inspiration on how you can celebrate the Tree Charter. Together we will help trees and people benefit each other.